When it comes to quality burgers, craft beer, and satisfied customers, B&D Burgers has been consistently hitting the mark since 2001. From our fresh ingredients to our kitschy interior, nothing about B&D Burgers says typical. With our “build your own burger ” option, each experience is as unique as the customer’s imagination.

We believe in premium burgers, premium beer, and premium service. We want everyone to walk out of our stores with full bellies and smiles on their faces.


So… what’s up with all of the alligators?

When we decided to start B&D Burgers, we wanted to have an animal as part of our logo and mascot. We wanted to choose something that represented Savannah. Afternarrowing it down, we chose the American Alligator for the following four reasons:

  1. It’s a native animal to Georgia – We are a Savannah born company.
  2. They rarely walk backwards – We always want to be moving forward as a business.
  3. It has no natural enemies. – Our Premium Burgers, Beer, & Service will ensure we have life long friends.
  4. It’s been around since prehistoric times- We are much younger but intend to give our customers great service for many years to come.

We figured that if B&D Burgers could emulate the American alligator, then the business would be a success.